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Medical lighting
Writer: admin       Date:2019-11-02
In today's lighting industry rapid development, LED light source with its fixed point, the directional spectrum, high brightness, high purity, cold light, adjustable color temperature, long life and other characteristics, in the smart plant lighting, landscape lighting and lighting, medical lighting in areas such as the rapid development.Although compared with the LED lighting market, LED output value in the field of medical lighting may be tiny, but medical lighting belongs to the medical apparatus and instruments, there are strict regulations and certification requirements, extremely strict in terms of technology, safety rules, compared with the ordinary functional lighting, technology risk bigger, high entry barrier.As the society for health care, medical rehabilitation, green environmental protection and energy saving, LED the medical lighting will set up a new land in the domestic market.
 Medical products according to the specific function of lighting specific named dental lamp, head lamp, operation lamp, shadowless lamp, lamp, disinfection lamp and lamp, etc.Medical operation shadowless lamp is an important and indispensable for surgical site lighting devices, it requires both can let doctors best observed at the notch and the body cavity of objects of different depth, size, low contrast;Should be "no shadow" and "light".Traditional shadowless lamp price comparison is widely accepted low halogen tungsten lamp light source, it is easy to appear improper filters, infrared thermal radiation and surgery in patients with regional problems such as drying, and using LED as light source shadowless lamp can solve the above problems.As the requirement of people for medical lighting, LED light source rapid development because of its special advantage, prospects are bright.
By CSA Research available, from 2011 to 2015, Chinese medical lighting lamps and lanterns to the rapid growth of the total exports from $16 million in 2011 to $25 million in 2014, exports increased by almost $10 million.Export to more than $2300 in 2013, the growth rate of 44%, in the first half of 2015, China's medical lighting exports reached $13 million, compared with 2014 increased by 34% in the first half.
Although the entire LED industry products export scale, its export volume has reached $5 billion in 2015 the previous year, medical lighting industry is a "thin" points of the industry, its exports relative to the LED lighting products export vary widely, but with the launch of the new medical reform in health care capacity and establish a basic medical and health system, driven by medical lighting industry will continue to maintain rapid growth.
From 2011 to 2015 years of development, the development of Chinese medical lighting is in a transition period, with the improve of technology and society for the urgent need of medical lighting, medical lighting in our country will realize a full-blown.
Chinese medical lighting according to the light source can be divided into traditional medical lighting lamps and lanterns and LED lighting lamps and lanterns, at present our country exports the global medical products are still in the traditional lighting lighting products, the export of traditional lighting lamps and lanterns in 2011 to $14 million, accounting for about 91% of the total amount of export, only $2011 in 2011 LED medical lighting lamps and lanterns, accounted for only 9%, from 2012 to 2015 in the first half of the LED medical lighting lamps and lanterns of exports has been on the rise, as in the first half of 2015, LED the medical lighting exports accounted for 25%, compared with 2011, LED the medical lighting exports accounted for about nearly tripled.LED medical lighting lamps and lanterns, exports are also growing rapidly, the growth rate of exports in 2013 reached 100%.
 CSA Research that LED medical lighting lamps and lanterns of export quotas in our country is lower than the traditional medical lighting products for two things: first, the late start, backward technology, medical lighting for LED products in China r&d begin until 2007.Second, relevant enterprises of our country has entered the LED medical lighting equipment industry barriers is higher, large medical equipment enterprise mostly just incidentally medical lighting products, there are few professional manufacturers.Previous: Industrial design and lighting to accelerate convergenceNext: International lighting fair in Guangzhou
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