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Hejump New Office Building Preview
Writer: admin       Date:2019-11-02


Hejump New Office Building Preview

After years' effort and development, Dongguan Hejump Optoelectronic Technology Co.,Ltd has now expended it's factory plant and office area to a lager scale. 

The new office building covers an area of 960 square meter, totally five floors, 4800 square meter.  And this new office building estimated to finish construction and put into use hopefully before Chinese New Year 2018.

Previously, golden signboard, Hejump Buliding in Chinese, was installed onto the exterior green wall and matched with LED wall washer, demonstrating its majestic but elegant among the industrial zone. This makes it beautiful scenery line at night.

Once it is completed, the new office building will join the Hejump Industrial Park to one of the five functional areas: office area, factory plant, parking lot, dormitory area, canteen and leisure area.

In the future years, Hejump will expend its sales and R&D dept., enlarge the manufacturing scale, strengthen its product quality and development  ability further more. A new lighting star in LED filed is on counting!

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